We’ll show you how to hover the wall with the right technique, not just power.

Bouldering is climbing without a rope for physically active people of any age. With high-jump mats beneath you, you can now experience the most remarkable movement adventures: balance, body perception, creativity and certainly also some tenacity are required – feeling, endurance and strength will automatically follow!

For fast progress and perfection of your technique, this course is perfect.


LocationBoulderArea, Freiruum
Duration2 trainings à 1.5 hours
ContentExplanation of correct warm up, better movement on the wall,
crack demanding bouldering toghether, with personal instruction
CostsParticipation costs are CHF 95.- per guest including admission and gear
BookingPlease be sure to specify the correct course description
at the time of booking.

Course dates

T1-3Wednesday11.12.2019 /
7.30pm – 9pm Fully booked
T1-4Friday17.01.2020 /
7.30pm – 9pm Registration