Zug Tourismus

Zug Tourismus - der Freiruum Partner. Hier mit ihrem Titelbild.

Freiruum partner – Zug Tourism

Freiruum is a community project. Without the support of our partners and their innovative ideas Freiruum would not be what it is now: a multi-faceted place that creates unique and lasting memories!

Zug Tourism is the official tourist office of Canton of Zug and serves its guests directly at the railroad station. In beautiful Zugerland, tradition meets modern, the scenic lakeside landscape meets snow-covered mountains, splendidly blossoming cherry trees meet old town alleys bathed in mist. And the sunset – that is simply splendid.
Take a look at Zug Tourism and let yourself be inspired by the picturesque region and seduced to the most scenic places. Join Zug Tourism on a discovery tour through the seductive Chriesiland.

Whether it’s tips for excursions, group events, guided tours, transfers or event locations – the Zug Tourism team will be happy to assist you.