Zug Sports

ZugSports - der Freiruum Partner. Hier mit ihrem Titelbild.

Freiruum partner – ZugSPORTS

Freiruum is a community project. Without the support of our partners and their innovative ideas Freiruum would not be what it is now: a multi-faceted place that creates unique and lasting memories!

ZugSPORTS is a platform that promotes health, exercise and a zest for life. This includes the ZugSPORTS Festival, the Zuger SEEfest, the Aegeri on Ice, its own magazine the5, an Ambassadors team. Depending on the weather, ZugSPORTS moves over 100,000 people per year.

Freiruum partnership

ZugSPORTS has received the Siemens Hall with the concept Area63 from Credit Suisse. Due to a lack of resources, Daniel Schärer has offered the hall to his friend Micha Federle, who then turned it into Freiruum. ZugSPORTS has an office and a lounge in Freiruum (library of wonderfully useful knowhow).