WWZ - der Freiruum Partner. Hier mit ihrem Titelbild.

Freiruum partner – WWZ

Freiruum is a community project. Without the support of our partners and their innovative ideas Freiruum would not be what it is now: a multi-faceted place that creates unique and lasting memories!

WWZ provides the living and economic areas of Zug and surroundings reliably with energy, telecommunication and water. With their diverse and sustainable products and services, more than 400 WWZ employees they significantly contribute to the quality of life of their clients. WWZ produces electricity, gas, warmth and air conditioning from renewable regional energy sources. Innovative projects promote and ensure the future-oriented development of the company which was originally founded over 125 years ago. As a stock company with it’s headquarters in Zug, WWZ is in possession of around 4500 shareholders, and around 30 percent are held by public authority.

Freiruum partnership

  • WWZ Energie AG provides free internet access by Quickline throughout the Freiruum and looks forward to welcoming visitors in the open workspace.