Office Lab

OfficeLab - der Freiruum Partner. Hier mit ihrem Titelbild.

Office Lab

Freiruum is a community project. Without the support of our partners and their innovative ideas Freiruum would not be what it is now: a multi-faceted place that creates unique and lasting memories!

Coworking Space Office LAB Everyone is talking about Work 4.0, we’ve been working like this for some time. That’s why we know what coworkers, freelancers, SMEs, project groups or start-ups need: as much office and infrastructure as necessary, as little cost as possible. With Office LAB you are flexible, for example, if you need more space, don’t want to work at the same location every day or plan meetings with partners – without making a long-term commitment. And all this in an environment that inspires, promotes exchange and helps you to develop your business in a goal-oriented manner.

Freiruum partnership

Booking, working, networking: Do you only need a workplace from time to time, do you want to work regularly in an open space or are you looking for an office for your team? In the Office LAB Freiruum everything is possible. Our offers are as flexible as you are – and you don’t have to commit yourself to a long-term contract. The Office LAB also includes a small event area, which is perfect for meetings and similar events.