Fon Times

FonTimes - der Freiruum Partner. Hier mit ihrem Titelbild.

Freiruum partner – ReFonlution AG, Verlag FonTimes

Freiruum is a community project. Without the support of our partners and their innovative ideas the Freiruum would not be what it is now: a multi-faceted place that creates unique and lasting memories!

The lively publishing house FonTimes produces print media of all kinds. These include the newspapers, FonTimes Zug and FonTimes Zurich as well as a glossy magazine, which focus on people, technology, digital, science and the environment. Lifestyle and leisure are also current topics of FonTimes.

Freiruum partnership

  • FonTimes combines a partnership with the Freiruum. FonTimes regularly attends events in the Freiruum and maintains contact with guests and visitors. In addition, FonTimes provides newspaper boxes in the Freiruum’s premises, where the latest editions of newspapers are displayed.