You love going all the way to your limit? You are at exactly the right place here. The parkour zone challenges and enhances you in all regards. The diversified parkour requires creativity, strength, speed and agility.  

everything you need to know about parkour

Parkour is an urban sport that concerns itself with getting from point A to point B in the most efficient way. In doing so, various obstacles such as walls, stairs and rails need to be overcome. Parkour is a combination of strength, cardio, coordination and balance. It is important to know one’s own limits and to respect them as well. For it is not about being better than someone else, but about being better than yesterday’s you.

Parkour is much more than just a sport, however. It is more of a life philosophy really. Because as is the case in parkour, one encounters many obstacles in life that seem insurmountable at first. But a parkour-runner does not see an obstacle as a problem that is in the way, but much rather as a challenge and an opportunity. You need to look for the most efficient way to overcome the obstacle and that is exactly how your skills will continuously improve.

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The most important pieces of information for your visit

At the Freiruum a parkour park awaits you with various wooden elements and rails. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or well-advanced, there is something in it for everyone. A highlight is the 4×4 meter high jumpbag in which you can leap off a raised platform. That way you can try out new jumps in a safe way with a soft landing. Come and stop by and discover the endless possibilities of parkour.

  • There is no need for gear, but it is important that you bring sports shoes with you. These are crucial, because street shoes are not admitted in the hall.
  • Access to a changing room including showers and lockers is available to you on-site, free of charge. Please not that the Freiruum assumes no liability.

The entry is valid for 3 hours. When purchasing a single entry ticket, an identity card must be deposited as a pledge.

These are the rules for your visit

  • The arena is open to everyone. Kids under the age of 13 are only admitted into the hall in the presence and under constant supervision of an adult. The utilisation of the arena is not permitted if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, pregnant women are also not admitted.
  • Should you be suffering from any health-related restrictions, please contact your trusted doctor to inquire if anything stands in the way of a visit to the parkour area.
  • The utilisation of the arena occurs at the user’s own risk.

parkour partner

The parkour area was constructed with the support of Freestyle-Halle Zug. The workshops will be led by professional instructors from Parkour Baar.

You have reason to celebrate?

We have the perfect location for you. Book a package with us that is perfectly catered to your birthday party, your team outing or your special event. The packages are currently under development and will be available from September 2019 onwards.