In the heart of the Freiruum our giant bar awaits you. Open daily and with a wide range of the best barista coffee, delicious cocktails and freshly brewed beers. This is where you will find the perfect beverage for any event. 

The hub and centre point of the market hall is our huge Freiruum bar. You will find more than just our broad range of beverages here – all sorts of information about the Freiruum is also available.

colourful drinks and more

Our Freiruum bar primarily focuses on special and extraordinary cocktails and drinks. So, if you are in the mood for trying something new, you are in exactly the right spot.

Our offer at the Freiruum bar will be extended by many more stations around the Freiruum. In our beer bar – as the name suggests – you will find over 35 different types of beers, all of them guaranteed to be extraordinary. As a wine-lover you should definitely take some time to inspect our on-site wine-house and to taste the best Swiss wines. Our roastery will provide you with everything around the topic of coffee and in the cigar lounge you can encounter a wide variety of whiskeys. In any case, you will certainly find something to excite you.

inform yourself and pay

The Freiruum bar simultaneously acts as the official info desk of the Freiruum. This is where you can get all the information you need for your visit.

Furthermore, the Freiruum is cashless – at the Freiruum bar you have the possibility to exchange your cash for a Freiruum customer Card. Naturally, you can also pay with your standard credit or debit card anywhere within the Freiruum.

We decided on this cashless payment method for multiple reasons. First and foremost, it will enable us to maintain perfect hygiene within the Freiruum. Furthermore, the payment for you as a visitor occurs quick and uncomplicated and lastly the security is also augmented thanks to the omission of cash.

the big screen

Pure emotions: on special occasions we will be showing important sports and cultural events on the big screen in the middle of the Freiruum. The next FIFA world cup or European championship for instance, can be enjoyed straight with us at the Freiruum.