Enjoying while being active yourself – our Kraftmarkt kitchen atelier is the perfect place for it. During lunch hour you can obtain a special meal – which is prepared for you on-site. The kitchen can also be rented for your private or corporate event. Additionally, cooking shows, workshops and much more are held regularly. The kitchen subscribes to the motto: local, fresh and exciting.

Unhealthy nutrition and missing knowledge around this topic are one of the main reasons for diseases and allergies. In our Eatry we aim to put an end to this. At the very least for the Freiruum and all interested people.

We are of the opinion, that cooking and nutrition should carry more weight in our day-to-day lives. After all, we eat multiple meals a day, make new acquaintances at street food festivals or close deals over lunch. Precisely this social aspect as well as the opportunity to making your day even better with delicious foods, are in the forefront here at the Freiruum.

Fresh on the table – directly from the Kraftmark.

In our cooking atelier we prepare a daily menu consisting of regional and seasonal ingredients. You can obtain this menu on-site for your lunch every day.

So, if you come to the Freiruum before lunch, you can witness yourself how the lunch menu is prepared. Our chefs will love to explain to you on the spot, what is being prepared and how, and give you many interesting additional facts related to the topic of lunch. That way you can go back to the office and show off with your newly attained knowledge.

Fresh, seasonal products

cooking together, enjoying together

In the afternoon and evening you can even rent the kitchen atelier. No matter if you want to come cook with friends or use the idea for a team outing with your company – we will put together a suitable event for you, that will be sure to create fond memories in the minds of your guests.

The kitchen atelier is suitable for groups with 4 to 50 participants. If you are interested in booking the atelier for your event, get in touch via email to event@freiruum.ch.

This offer for group events is perfect for schools, companies and clubs. The modern cooking atelier as well as the unique Freiruum- vibe will ensure that everyone enjoys themselves and presents a contemporary and interesting manner of speaking about the important topic of nutrition.

Nutrition a little differently

If the topic around nutrition is interesting to you and you would like to know more about it, our workshops are perfect for you. We offer a broad spectrum of workshops and information events around these topics.

  • cooking classes with regional ingredients
  • cooking classes for specific cuisines
  • nutrition courses
  • diversified nutrition
  • sustainable eating

All our workshops will be available on our website from August 2019

taking the Kraftmarkt home with you

In addition to our food- and workshop- offers you can also find a small shop in the Kraftmarkt containing all the current ingredients that are being used in the cooking atelier at that point in time. Those products can be purchased and served at home as a novel and unexpected treat. We wish you a lot of joy with this discovery in advance!

the location for nutritious education and training

You are a chef or responsible for a gastronomy company? You can of course also hire our cooking atelier without the addition of courses and hold your own internal classes and training courses. To hire our cooking atelier just get in touch via email at event@freiruum.ch.