Tenz Momo – Tibetan dumplings

Der Freiruum beherbergt verschiedenste Foodstände die für dein Wohl sorgen.

Tenz Momo – Tibetan dumplings

Tenz Momo is one of the select food stalls in the Freiruum. Enjoy here a fine lunch, a dinner or get yourself something on the way.

Momo is a national delicacy of Tibet. The Tibetan dumplings are served at special occasions as a festive dish. We at Tenz Momo have specialised in the art of making Momos.

We are a young food company with Tibetan roots. A few of our team members were born in Tibet, most of them grew up in exile however. Food is a very important component of our culture. We not only want to preserve the culture, but also develop it further.

Specialties and delicacies

  • Momos – beef (CH) Momos
  • Vegetarian (spinach, peas, potatoes, paneer, mushrooms and tofu)