Der Freiruum beherbergt verschiedenste Foodstände die für dein Wohl sorgen.

Lekkeray – chill, enjoy and share

Lekkeray is one of the exquisite food stalls in the Freiruum. Enjoy here a fine lunch, a dinner or get something quickly on the way.

In addition to its homemade dishes and products, affectionate preparation and authentic Oriental meals, the food stall LEKKERAY also offers a wide range of vegan delicacies.

True to the philosophy “back to the roots”, the LEKKERAY wants to live and promote the positive characteristics & effects of the old food culture and also the associated social virtues such as “sharing”, “friendship” and “communication”.

Specialties and delicacies

  • Mezze
  • Kmäsch
  • Sharing plates