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TAPAS GUAPAS – modern fusion Spanish tapas!

The food stand Tapas Guapas offers you a variety of Spanish tapas, paellas and delicious desserts. Enjoy lunch, dinner, or grab a quick bite to go.

The ritual of eating tapas has a long tradition in Spain and stands for nothing less than Spanish food culture and Mediterranean lifestyle. To drink and eat in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, to talk to your loved ones and to meet new people is the emotion that is at the center of it.
Different small appetizers, invite the people at the table to share. The tapas should be a link between pleasure and friendly atmosphere, where all may help themselves from all plates. There are no limits to the selection of different tapas.

But all tapas have one thing in common:
They invite you to linger and bring people from a wide variety of cultures together.
We would like to offer a wide selection of different tapas variations. In addition to meat and fish tapas, we offer a wide variety of vegetarian appetizers. These are arranged according to personal preferences. We have something for every appetite and every budget. Our main credo is freshness, seasonal and enjoyable culinary offers.

Tapas Guapas means variety and freshness. The ambience of the market hall is ideal to present our dishes through the lovingly decorated location. As is well known, the eye eats with you. It makes curious and speaks for joy and desire to try. We make our visitors an unforgettable offer to unite with Spain and its food culture. With our dishes we present an authentic and original cross-section of Spanish cuisine. Let us spoil you

Specialties and delicacies

  • Paella and more
  • Delicious desserts & Crema Catalana