Pasta Ricca – Coming Soon!

Pasta like at mom’s – or even better!

Pasta Ricca loves fresh pasta and creates pasta to fall in love with. They creat from tradition and serve irresistible classics at their best as well as new creations.

Whether maccheroni, taglierini, ravioli or gnocchi with various sughi and surprising toppings. At Pasta Ricca, everything is homemade and freshly prepared – and you can taste it in every bite.

Driven by top chef Tobias Funke (2** Michelin), the passionate Pasta Ricca team creates the best pasta outside of Italy every day. Ongoing education and careful training are of course just as much a part of this craft as a good portion of passion for real pasta.

All ingredients for the pasta dishes are always seasonal, high quality and 100% sustainable.

More info about Pasta Ricca coming soon!

Specialties and delicacies

  • Coming Soon!