Nana T Nana – Japanese delicacies

Nana T Nana – Japanese delicacies

Nana T Nana is one of our exklusive Food Stalls at Freiruum. Enjoy a delicious lunch, dinner or simply take-away.

Communal enjoyment takes central stage at Nana T Nana. The concept embodies this sense of togetherness which stems from Japan where you can find a Ramen restaurant at almost every corner. These are particularly popular after work, for small groups of co-workers that go and enjoy a nice meal together.

Traditional Ramen restaurants have very little in common with other regular restauarants or food stalls. They are much more of a meeting point, where people can be social and end a busy day in a relaxing and reinvigorating manner.

At the Nana T Nana Ramen bar it is all about authenticity. Both the dishes as well as the atmosphere correspond to a proper Japanese Ramen-ya.

Specialties and delicacies

  • Kakashi Ramen: spicy beef soup with delicious Udon noodles, crunchy Asian veggies, egg and grilled chicken
  • Sakura Ramen: coconut curry soup with Soba noodles, crunchy Asian veggies and marinated black tiger shrimps