Gutscheine kaufen und nach Wahl im gesamten Freiruum einlösen.

You want to give your loved ones even more Freiruum? There are countless possibilities to enjoy life to the fullest at Freiruum. With a voucher you can enable your friends, families and work colleagues to switch off and simply enjoy.

Our vouchers are either available on-site or from August 2019 onwards also online. The vouchers can be applied as a means of payment throughout the entire Freiruum and are rechargeable.

Freiruum for all

The vouchers are perfect for every event – whether that be privately or professionally. With the Freiruum gift card you are essentially gifting an opportunity to switch off from a busy day-to-day life.

  • As the perfect birthday gift for family and friends
  • As meal vouchers for your employees
  • As a possibility for a communal visit to an event at Freiruum
  • As a special attention to your partners, suppliers and sponsors
  • As a gift for group field trips
  • As an opportunity for participation in various workshops and courses at Freiruum

Customer cards for amazing costumers

add flexibility to your life

You know of someone or you might even be that someone yourself that frequently when visits Freiruum? In that case we have the perfect thing for you! Our customer card is the perfect means of payment for all offers at Freiruum and you even receive attractive special conditions on top.

Further information about our customer cards are available from August 2019 onwards.