At KRAFTMARKT, food culture is writ large. Delicious kumpir for lunch, as well as cooking courses and a wide variety of events are on offer here.

The wide world of food and cooking is at your feet at KRAFTMARKT. Here you can learn everything about sustainable and healthy nutrition, as well as Ayurveda, you can learn your new favourite dishes at cooking courses or strengthen your team spirit at a cooking team event. A wide range of exciting events for young and old will also inspire you on the subject of food.


Lunch is dominated by the healthy oriental street food speciality Kumpir. Here, large, baked potatoes meet the best filling of your choice. Kumpir is not only very tasty, but thanks to a variety of toppings, you can always experience it in a new way. The ingredients are chosen regionally and seasonally.

And this is how you create your Kumpir menu: First you choose the “base”: Classic Potato, Sweet Potato or a Salad Bowl. Then you decide on the desired “protein” (various meats, but also the vegetarian version Planted Chicken are available), then you choose your favourite sauce and at the very end you can choose the toppings, which are changing weekly.

So go ahead and head to the Kumpir Mecca in Freiruum.

Cooking together, enjoying together

Team and group events, strengthen the team spirit while cooking together.

Try out, mix, cook, bake, taste and enjoy. We create an extraordinary experience with all senses. Our cooking school offers cooking courses for companies, schools, clubs and other groups. Are you planning a special team event or group outing? We will put together an individual cooking course for you. The cooking studio is suitable for groups between 8 and 65 people. Click here for more details and prices of our cooking courses. If you are interested in organising a cooking course, you can contact us directly by e-mail at

Cooking is fun and encourages creativity. We offer regular cooking courses especially for children, where the little ones can conjure up tasty menus together in a playful way and with other children of the same age. Take a look at the KRAFTMARKT events to find out about the next events.


Company event, birthday, wedding or anniversaries. An exceptional place and a unique ambience to celebrate. You can find more information here.