Food Trucks

Food Trucks sind von Zeit zur Zeit im Freiruum.

You have sampled from all of our food stalls already? Well we have even more to offer: Various food trucks with regularly alternating offers will ensure that every visit to the Freiruum is exciting.

Fitting to the time of year and current themes our food trucks will extend the culinary offer at Freiruum nicely. Here you can always encounter something new and unexpected. Let us inspire you.

Tastings and all you can eat

Every menu in our food trucks is available in two portion sizes. One the one hand you can buy a regular portion. That will leave you full and happy.

If you want to try out several different things however, we recommend you get the tasting portion. It means you get a smaller and cheaper portion but have the opportunity to extend your meal by getting things from other trucks as well. We recommend getting 3 or 4 tasting portions to make up a full meal.

Current food truck offers

Currently no food trucks are available at Freiruum. However, this is where you will find the updated current information. We will always inform with an updated blog entry as well as on this page, whenever the offerings change.

When your food truck belongs in the Freiruum

You own a food truck with a special offer and you have the feeling that you are the perfect match for us? In this case we look forward in receiving an e-mail from you to – we will then send you all the documents and are looking forward to working with you.