You feel restricted by your four office walls? You feel like a change of scenery, an exchange with creative minds and creating new ideas? Perfect: in our co-working place you can just stop by and leave inspired. To ensure the experience is as pleasant as possible, all work stations are fitted with WiFi and printer access. 

In the middle of the market hall and yet still away from all the hustle and bustle – that is our co-working place. A space where you can fully focus on your work while finding inspiration simultaneously.

Take a step back. Create free space.

equipped for all infamous actions

Our co-working place not only satisfies thanks to its unique atmosphere and creative vibe but also because of its superb equipment as a workspace.

  • WiFi access
  • printer freely accessible
  • free of charge water station
  • contactless charging stations for your devices

An unforgettable offer

We make the co-working place available to our guests free of charge. You do not need to make a reservation or register in any way. Just pop in and start with your work.

There is no forced consumption in the co-working place and the access is open to all interested persons who want to exchange in a creative environment and who are keen to create something new.

Co-working partners

More about Partner WWZ available here.