Never bouldered before? Then you’ve come to the right place!

People of all ages who like to move can boulder. You climb without a rope, but at jump height and always over thick mats. With a lot of creativity, body awareness and balance you can crack different bouldering problems – feeling, endurance and power will come all by itself!

However, as all beginnings are difficult, we will teach you the easy and quick way to get into bouldering in our introductory courses.

Course Details

LocationsBoulderArea, Freiruum
Duration1 Training à 1.5 hours
ContentExplanation of bouldering, security measures, first technique tips, all with personal instruction
CostsParticipation costs are CHF 45.- per guest including entry and show rental
BookingPlease be sure to specify the correct course description at the time of booking.

Course Dates

E12Friday24.06.202206.30 – 08.00 pmGermancancelled
E13Wednesday06.07.202206.30 – 08.00 pmEnglishRegistration
E14Monday18.07.202206.30 – 08.00 pmGermanRegistration
E15Friday05.08.202206.30 – 08.00 pmGermanRegistration
E16Monday22.08.202206.30 – 08.00 pmGermanRegistration