You’ve never bouldered before? Never mind, we will show you how it all works and why it is so much fun!

Bouldering means ropeless climbing to dismountable heights. With high-jump mats beneath you, you can now experience the most remarkable movement adventures: balance, body perception, creativity and certainly also some tenacity are required – feeling, endurance and strength will automatically follow. People of any age are welcome!

Since all beginnings are difficult, in our introductory courses we will teach you an easy and quick way get into bouldering properly.


Location BoulderArea, Freiruum
Duration1 training of 1.5 hours
ContentExplanation of bouldering, security measures and technique tips
CostsParticipation costs are CHF 45.- per guest including admission and gear
BookingPlease be sure to specify the correct course description at the time of booking.

Course dates

E43Thursday04.06.20207.30pm – 9pmRegistration
E44Monday08.06.20207.30pm – 9pmRegistration
E45Friday19.06.20207.30pm – 9pmRegistration
E46Thursday02.07.20207.30pm – 9pmRegistration