Aren’t toilets simply toilets, no matter where in the world? Technically yes, but the Freiruum is known for its surprises. Don’t be shocked therefore, if your date disappears to the bathroom for a little longer than normal while visiting the Freiruum. For this could be due to the fact that we are using the very latest technology in our sanitary facilities. 

This has been made possible by Geberit – the European market leader in sanitary products. As an integrated corporation Geberit displays a strong local presence in most European countries and can therefore offer surplus values in both sanitary technology as well as in the area of bathroom ceramics. And this also holds true for the Freiruum!

When we say we like it cosy we mean everywhere. Even on the toilet.

At the Freiruum all visitors can therefore try out the latest generation of the shower toilet and will return from their trip to the little private place with an extraordinary experience report.