The Freiruum will be opening its doors on 9 August 2019. Markus, the Freiruum manager, is working right on the front line with his team. His job will be to ensure that everything will be ready for the grand opening. We asked how everything was coming along. 

You surely have a lot to do at the moment – what does your typical day-to-day work entail?

My day-to-day is very diverse and extremely interesting. First thing in the morning I check my emails while drinking a nice cup of coffee at home. Then I set out to attend various exciting meetings with partners, suppliers, or gastronomes for our unique project. Other than that I try to spend as much time as possible on-site; Firstly in order to continuously focus on next steps in collaboration with our construction manager to make sure we adhere to our schedule, and secondly to help my team in our on-site office to plan and execute all the remaining tasks.

What are the current tasks keeping you busy the most?

Currently the numerous individual tasks consist of these three most important ones: firstly supporting and leading my new, strong team as well as possible, then finding the right partners, gastronomes and providers and set up everything perfectly, and lastly making the constructional realisation of the Freiruum as thrilling and flawless as possible for our future guests.

What part of project Freiruum is the biggest challenge for you?

The biggest challenges are to coordinate all the important information, tasks and persons in a timely and exact manner and simultaneously remembering small details while not losing sight of the bigger picture, making sufficient progress with everything to have the capacity of dealing with new additional tasks and challenges and to be able to handle them effectively. But we are truly a great team and have been able to handle everything perfectly so far.

What particular feature in the Freiruum excites you most personally?

Honestly, I am actually most excited for the wide variety of things the Freiruum has to offer, not necessarily for a particular feature. Nonetheless, I am somewhat of a connoisseur in the coffee department and am therefore very much looking forward to the amazing offer in this area.

Do you have a ritual of any kind, that you perform before a grand opening of this size?

Personally, I don’t really have a proper ritual in place for such exciting and unique moments. I just know for a fact that our team will do everything in their power in the lead-up to ensure that the grand moment of the opening can run as smoothly and as perfectly as possible and to enable them to fully enjoy it together with our guests.

What else do our readers absolutely need to know about the Freiruum? Any concluding words?

That they can look forward to a one-of-a-kind meeting place. A place in Zug for the people of Zug and from all over Switzerland and from abroad as well of course. A place of contact and encounters between people, products and emotions. Simply a place where you will feel at home and love to be.