The innovative concept of the Kraftmarkt unifies gastronomy, culinary training, a bio shop as well as a knowledge and experience exchange platform around the topics of sustainable and healthy nutrition. And you can become part of it! 

The chef can help himself to anything straight from the bio shop and will prepare the meal in front of the eyes of the guests. This allows for a constant experience and knowledge transfer to take place. The kitchen is really like a large domestic kitchen where the dining tables contain cooktops. In our kitchen the vegetables and the fruit represent the true culinary highlight; the meat becomes the side dish. Our cooking style is contemporary, regional, seasonal, healthy and flavourful.

Every day we offer simple, healthy, contemporary, regional and seasonal lunches. Additionally there are various starters to choose from as well as homemade tea in jugs that you can take with you to your table.

Become part of the Kraftmarkt

Become part of the founding family and of the communal company and support the necessary further development as well as the launches of new locations to ensure that sustainable nutrition can continue to be part of our everyday lives.