Who does not know them, the delicious dumplings from Tibet – called Momos! They are the national dish of Tibet and are served there on special occasions as a festive meal. In Switzerland, we know the specialty of Food Festivals or Tenz Momo, one of our exquisite food stands in the Freiruum with several other locations in Switzerland! The team of Tenz Momo has told us how to make the perfect momos!

“Making momos is easy,” says Lhakpa, an employee of Tenz Momo in the Freiruum, when we asked him if he would tell us the secret of the delicious Momos. Well, then we are curious!

In the Freiruum, three delicious varieties of momos are prepared: • Traditional Momos with beef (CH) • Vegetarian Momos with Spinach, Peas, Potatoes, Paneer, Mushrooms and Tofu • Vegan Momos with shiitake mushrooms, mushrooms, chickpeas and cilantro

It is important that all ingredients are fresh and the Momos are prepared just before consumption, because that’s the way they taste best! The team of Tenz Momo starts 30 minutes before opening the store with the preparations so that the first Momos are freshly prepared when the first customers arrive for lunch or a leisurely dinner.


The dough of momos is homemade and is quite simple only from white flour and water. These two ingredients are kneaded into a smooth dough, which must then be left airtight for 30 minutes. Then this is rolled out 23mm thin, rondels with a diameter of about 8cm gouged and filled depending on the Momo Variation with the corresponding raw ingredients. With a little practice, 3 to 6 Momos can be prepared in one minute. The filled dumplings are then placed in the large pans with up to 7 steam inserts, where they are steamed for 15 minutes with water. At home, the Momos can also be easily steamed in the steamer. Sounds really easy!

The Momos are served with soy sauce or the homemade spicy sauce. Incidentally, the delicious chilli sauce is available for home use right on the stand.

Even with the side dishes, the Tibetan tradition is not neglected. To the Momos there is a delicious radish-edge salad, a cucumber-peanut salad or for the coriander lovers among us’s the Tibetan tomato dip with tomatoes, coriander and red onions.

Momos are a feast, where family and friends come together and cook together. The careful preparation by hand is certainly one of the reasons why the Momos are delicious and popular. With the 3 Momo variations there is something for everyone and depending on how hungry you are, smaller or larger portions can be ordered, what does man / woman want more!

Incidentally, Tenz Momo annually donates a five-figure amount to various clubs and institutions such as the Tibetan Film Festival.

“It is important to us that we can contribute to Tibetan society through the earnings of our momos.”

Certainly, the Tibetan passion, which is put in there is a reason why we are all so into the Momos!

Visit us at Freiruum and try the 3 delectable varieties and look over the shoulders of the Tenz Momo staff when they prepare the delicious Momos! Caution: The Momos can be addictive!