Have you ever heard of the Frauenbaustelle? No? High time that you do so now then!

Founded in October 2018 by Anouchka Kaczmarek and Lona Tulinski, the goal of this organisation is to promote women in the building trade. Furthermore, the Frauenbaustelle only works with natural construction materials such as clay, limestone, stone, wood and natural insulation solutions – ecological, social and sustainable.

The Frauenbestelle was also actively involved in the Freiruum. During a coffee break we asked the ladies a few questions.

What do you like doing best?

We prefer building with natural materials and specialise in ecological construction. First and foremost we love using clay: such a diverse, aesthetic and reversible material which can easily be used for both rehabilitations and renovations as well as for novel constructions. Generally speaking our collective is set up quite broadly – from the architect to the painter all the way to the clay constructionist. This means that our expertise and tasks are very different from one another allowing us to learn from each other during the communal construction and the planning of new sites.

What sort of jobs did you perform for the Freiruum?

Acting as the action-team deployed by the construction management, we completed several jobs in the Freiruum. In the timber construction department we installed parquet flooring, built decorative elements, degustation stalls and substructures. As painters we puttied, painted, coated, varnished, wallpapered and sprayed. Furthermore we disassembled, installed, assembled and built gigantic decorations for this gigantic hall and even introduced some clay plaster into the cigar lounge.

What part of the Freiruum are you looking forward to most?

Definitely the games and sports area.

And how about a final word? 

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether we also collaborate with men at all. Yes we do. At Frauenbaustelle it isn’t about excluding anyone but about women supporting one another and putting each other first, about shouldering some real responsibility and following dreams and reaching goals. In a field that is as male-dominant as the construction industry we see this as especially important.