The large sports area within the Freiruum captivates with its diverse and exciting offer. Besides a trampoline zone the Freiruum also contains a parkour area as well as one of Switzerland’s biggest boulder installations. We inquired with the operators and initiators of the “BoulderArea” what sort of skills are required to upgrade from visitor to boulder pro. 

What awaits the visitors of the “BoulderArea”?

Rope-free climbing up walls of various heights and angles above soft mats. Sprinkled with colourful grips and volumes. The route constructor created short climbing passages or boulders. Diverse challenges for every skill level. One of the biggest boulder installations in Switzerland. Great atmosphere in a great ambiance. Awesome people tinkering and talking shop together. Simply put: a truly special leisure and sporting experience.

Can any man and woman try out bouldering?

Bouldering is suitable for any physically active person of any age who wants to get energized and move. Motivational factors could be manifold, here is a small collection: fun factor, enjoying movement, finding a purposeful leisure activity, ambitious fitness- and competitive sport, the social factor of being with likeminded people, tired arms, a free mind and of course the amazing feeling of arriving ‘on top’.

What are some of the difficulties when bouldering?

Recognising the best route to get to the top, finding a solution but then also implementing this solution as homogeneously as possible, so with the least amount of effort – that is the true essence of bouldering. A good feel for movement, resourcefulness and perseverance further augment the individual development.

What are your tips for beginners and people without any experience whatsoever when it comes to bouldering?

Just try it out and enjoy the journey! We create many simple boulder-exercises especially for beginners. Furthermore, even in preparation for very simple boulders it is important to warm up properly beforehand by making use of the WarmUp area of the Freiruum or by doing some floor exercises. The basics are really super simple and often self-explanatory and our staff are always more than happy to support any boulder enthusiasts with tips and tricks.

How long and how often does one have to train to reach a higher skill level?

If you want to boulder ambitiously you will need to train two to three times a week, just as with any other discipline. But even with one visit a week you will make good progress. Seeing as there are different degrees of difficulties in bouldering, you can always select your appropriate level. Any level is a great level, because it challenges you exactly where you need it and where you are at that point in the journey. It is great that everyone, no matter their skill level, has a suitable challenge to face – or what we call a “problem” in bouldering. I personally always say “if any problems, then bouldering problems” and those are ones you will be eager to solve as fast and as creatively as possible.

What about your own bouldering career? Any funny stories or interesting details you can share with us?

I could fill a book with those – but how about this one: a few friends and I went to Corsica to boulder, over there the blocks are sometimes right by the ocean. So, equipped with swimming trunks and bare feet we tried to boulder a route straight out of the water. That was amazing – and also incredibly exhausting. In the end we gave up and, like little kids, spent over an hour conducting a diving-board contest from the approximately 5 meter-high block.

And the moral of the story: without bouldering we would have never experienced that amazing time and fellowship in those amazing surroundings as we did.