Our Kraftmarkt is nothing more than our kitchen studio. Here you can have your lunch freshly prepared at lunch time, or in the evening you can book the studio for private or business events. Cooking shows, workshops, the integrated unpacked shop and much more are part of our Kraftmarkt. The motto: Local, fresh and exciting!

A healthy diet and cooking are important parts of our life, but often we do not have the time for it. We would like to dedicate ourselves a little more to this topic with the Kraftmarkt. The menus at the Kraftmarkt are all prepared using seasonal and local ingredients. The cooking studio is very modern and should be a place with the unique Freiruum Vibe, where everyone feels comfortable and together we can take on this important topic in a modern and interesting way.

The cooking studio is suitable for groups with 4 to 50 participants. We are happy to put your event together. The group events are perfect for schools, companies and associations.

If you like the topic of nutrition or if you would like to do this in the future we offer various Workshops at the Kraftmarkt:

  • Cooking classes with regional ingredients
  • Cooking classes for special country kitchens
  • Nutrition Courses
  • Varied diet
  • Sustainable food

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Become part of the Kraftmarkt

If you like the idea of ​​our Kraftmarkt and like our thoughts that it needs more offerings like this, we would be pleased if you support the crowdfunding and tell your friends about it! Become part of the Kraftmarkt today!