Nana T Nana, the first Japanese Ramen Restaurant in Zug is in the Freiruum! Nana T Nana means nothing more than the number 7, which is an important lucky number in Japan! Let us take you on a culinary journey to Japan!

Ramen bars as new trend in Europe

Claudio, the managing director of Nana T Nana, is a trained chef and was already in Japan at the age of 18. He was totally enthusiastic from the beginning not only from the country but also the culture, the language and of course the Japanese gastronomy. For 4 years he ran a Japanese restaurant in Switzerland and was able to specialize in Japanese food. The so-called Ramen restaurants can be found everywhere in Japan and meanwhile are considered a new trend concept in gastronomy in Europe. There was nothing like that in the Zug region until recently, and for Claudio a clear gap in the market that had to be filled. So he founded the Ramen Bar Nana T Nana. Incidentally, ramen, like somen, soba and udon, are a kind of Japanese noodle. These noodles, but especially the noodle soup made from them, are called ramen.

The concept

At Nana T Nana, customers can put the soups and their ingredients together as they like. You can choose from a variety of noodles such as ramen, udon or soba, various fresh vegetables, a protein supplement such as chicken, shrimp or tofu and a wide selection of toppings such as the poached egg, ginger or Japanese mushrooms. At the end everyone gets a product, according to their own taste. For the preparation per order the team of Nana T Nana needs just 2 minutes. Long waiting time was yesterday!

A piece of Japan in Switzerland

The Nana T Nana is comparable to a Ramenbar in Japan, because eating the food at the stand has a long tradition at the Ramen restaurants in Japan. If you are missing Japan a bit, you will feel at home with Nana T Nana, once you find the typical Japanese “Narutomaki” fishcakes. They can be ordered as a topping to any soup, and are usually found only in Japan. The soups have been slightly adapted to the European market because in Japan they are often cooked with high fat pork, which is not in great demand in Switzerland. Alternatively to the traditional miso soup, Nana T Nana offers a delicious coconut-curry soup. So the whole concept can be called “Japanese European Infusion”.

Do not bite, it is considered to bring bad luck! – In Japan, the ramen are being sipped instead! However, we make an exception for our guests in the Freiruum of course ­čśë

The Nana T Nana is definitely worth a visit. The start up is already impressing with a very professional entry and a potential to grow and expand. Who knows, maybe there are several of them in Switzerland soon! Anyway, we are very pleased that they are in the Freiruum and offer our visitors another culinary highlight.