Careful, hole! Looking at the photo of the sports centre during construction for the first time, one could be mistaken into thinking we were building a giant pool into the Freiruum.

Of course, that wouldn’t be a bad idea either, but we are aiming high! Apart from a giant trampoline park there will also be a boulder area as well as a parkour zone. The perfect opportunity to let off some steam with friends and family and spend time together in a fun way.

The whole offer and all its amenities will be available six days a week. Admission can be purchased either by specific area (trampoline park, BoulderArea or parkour zone) or else for the entire sports centre all in one.

Furthermore, there is the option for various subscriptions and season tickets: from a 10-entries card all the way to an annual subscription there will be a comprehensive offering to ensure that you will find the perfect option for you.