Room for sustainability: environmental protection and sustainability are topics which are thought about deeply at the Freiruum. During the project phase the Freiruum team visited various market halls throughout Europe. What was striking was the number of food stalls dispensing single use tableware and the amount of waste that was created because of it. That is definitely something we want to handle in a much better way at Freiruum. 

At the Freiruum we completely forego any single-use tableware. Anyone getting a yummy something to eat from any of our food stalls will have their meal served on a nice porcelain plate. This is how, despite an increased effort in regards to washing dishes and handling materials, the eco-friendly Freiruum endeavours to create as little waste as possible.

No ifs, no buts, no rubbish

Our eco-friendly philosophy extends to takeaways as well. The Freiruum team is intensively researching plastic-free solutions for to-go meals. Furthermore, our visitors are more than welcome to bring along their own Tupperware and containers.

buying unpackaged items

Away with all the packaging and the countless plastic bags! The Freiruum contains its own “unpackaged” shop – a place where our guests can purchase regional and seasonal groceries package-free. This also presents the additional huge advantage for our visitors to reduce their food waste: you are only buying what you actually need rather than what a package size commands.

We support fair and sustainable production of foods and also want to pass on sustainable handling.

better now than later

We are of the opinion, that a few small changes in our conduct and practices will allow us to drastically reduce our ecological footprint. Each and every action counts, and it is our goal and motto to use today to think about tomorrow so that the needs of future generations can also be met.