The Freiruum is one of the largest intermediate uses in Switzerland, which is open 7 days a week for you.

On 8’500 m2 you will find a market hall with numerous food and market stalls, a large range of bars, shopping and workshops and much more. The adjacent sports hall for young and old offers a breathtaking trampoline park, a parcour zone and one of the largest bouldering halls in Switzerland.


Highlights of the month


kochkurs zug

23.10.20 – Cooking course Ayurveda in winter

Are you curious about Ayurvedic cuisine? Then this cooking course is just right for you.
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08.02.20 – Barista Workshop

A coffee in the morning dispels sorrow and worry. That's our motto! Learn all about coffee at the Barista Workshop at the Kahawa Café! From the production, over different types of coffee to the operation of a sieve carrier machine. Prepare your own coffee,...

21.02.20 – Beer night

You can either drink beer, or you can truly experience it. At our Beer Night the delicious beverage is placed in the limelight.  Everyone drinks it and enjoys it. Especially after a hard days' work a cold beer can be a true blessing. In...
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12.03.20 – Wine and dine

Exquisite wines but set in a casual and fun environment await you at the Wine and Dine at Freiruum. This evening will fuse elegance with effortless exuberance.  For those who have already visited our beautifully configured wine-house at the Freiruum will have discovered the...

Yoga at Freiruum

Yoga at Freiruum with Yogasan Vinyasa Yoga (Power Yoga) is a dynamic and physical yoga style for beginners and advanced, in which breathing and movement are linked together. The focus is on the precise execution of various stretching and strengthening positions and the fluid...


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13.12.12. – Freiruum Market

The Freiruum market was held for the first time on December 8th. The 1700m2 event hall was transformed into an indoor Christmas market with around 40 exhibitors, live music, a dance performance by the Zuzu kids and various workshops for every age. Doors...
Nana T Nana Japanisches Essen

07.10.19 – Nana T Nana – A culinary journey to Japan!

Nana T Nana, the first Japanese Ramen Restaurant in Zug is in the Freiruum! Nana T Nana means nothing more than the number 7, which is an important lucky number in Japan! Let us take you on a culinary journey to Japan! Ramen...

30.09.19 – Beer ABC / Schügapedia

Who does not like to enjoy a cold beer with friends after work? But what do we really know about the drink made from hops, yeast and malt? In our Schügapedia from Schützengarten you will learn about the production, about beer types, vitamins in beer and by the...
Kraftmarkt in Zug

12.09.2019 – Local, fresh and exciting

Our Kraftmarkt is nothing more than our kitchen studio. Here you can have your lunch freshly prepared at lunch time, or in the evening you can book the studio for private or business events. Cooking shows, workshops, the integrated unpacked shop and much more are part of...

23.08.19 – How do you prepare the perfect momos?

Who does not know them, the delicious dumplings from Tibet - called Momos! They are the national dish of Tibet and are served there on special occasions as a festive meal. In Switzerland, we know the specialty of Food Festivals or Tenz Momo, one of our exquisite...

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